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E. Herbert Caesari (1884 - 1969)

To this day Herbert Caesari. is regarded throughout the world as the greatest “Singing Teacher ” of our time. The principal figure single-handedly responsible for the great revival of the Old Italian School of Singing.

Herbert Caesari studied at the Santa Cecilia Academy in Rome, with Riccardo Daviesi, the greatest Sistine Chapel Singer of the 19th Century, and later with the famous Italian baritone Antonio Cotogni. It was there that he studied alongside Beniamino Gigli, who became a lifelong friend
and supporter of Caesari’s work.

Settling in London in 1925 as Professor of Singing at The Trinity College of Music, he became an eminent teacher who dedicated his life to the restoration and research of the Old Italian School of Singing, a scientist, researcher, psychologist and above all author of numerous important books that are considered to be the most valuable publications written today on the subject of the art of vocal technique and even psychology of vocal performance.

His teachings produced many great operatic voices such as Tom Burke (Tenor): Peter Dawson (Bass-Baritone): David Hughes (Tenor): Margaret Sheridan (Soprano): Giovanni Inghilleri (Baritone): Bruce Dargavel (Bass Baritone): Edgar Evans (Tenor): Mary Garden (Soprano): John Hargreaves (Actor): John Hauxwell (Baritone): Kenneth Neate (Tenor): Afro Poli (Baritone): Rosina Raisbeck (Mezzo-Soprano): George Shirley (Tenor): and in the 1950’s a young accompanist named Richard Bonynge worked in his studio where he was led to explore the Bel Canto repertoire and the technique relevant to its performance.

Herbert Caesari will undoubtedly be remembered and live on in the world of music as the Greatest Singing Teacher of our Time.

E. Herbert  Caesari

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